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Does This Video Prove Hillary Has Mental Health Issues?

Hillary Clinton











Remember when liberals criticized John McCain’s age and health when he was running for President? Apparently concern for a candidate’s health only matters when that candidate is a Republican.

The red flags for Hillary are there. Just the other day, two photos that were taken back in February but received no attention then went viral. The photos in question appear to show (according to speculators) Hillary receiving help after struggling to climb a flight of stairs on her own, and can be seen below:

Hillary Clinton













Hillary Clinton













Maybe she just tripped and they were catching her – who knows? That’s what the caption on Getty Images’ website claims, but it doesn’t exactly look like they were rushing to catch her as she fell.

Regardless of the reality behind the cause behind the image in question, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to speculation surrounding Hillary’s potential health issues. Mike Cernovich noticed that Hillary’s handler carries diazepam with him, which is used to treat those who suffer from recurrent seizures.

Hillary Clinton


















Paul Joseph Watson makes one of the strongest cases that Hillary doesn’t just appear to be mental – she actually is. Watch below:

What do you all think? I’m no fan of conspiracies, but this couldn’t be any more interesting.

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Comments on “Does This Video Prove Hillary Has Mental Health Issues?”

  1. Barbara says:

    there is definitely something wrong with her.