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You Would Think Hillary Clinton Would Have More Sense Than To Say This!


Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any room to talk about anything because of her criminal past that EVERYONE knows about. When she calls out the GOP Republican nominee Donald Trump on anything, it should be so easy to slap her back down to reality. If I were in charge of the Trump campaign, I would most definitely be calling the heavier shots to put this thing away.

Hillary wants to associate Trump with his TV persona and hit show “The Apprentice,” instead of battling him on the issues. Maybe she feels that’s where he’s weak, but anyone can tell you picking this fight is a losing one. Hillary wants the public to think Trump is drawing on his celebrity status to win votes, and you haven’t seen that from Trump this entire election cycle.

Hillary’s even went after Trump retooling his campaign staff but fails to mention she “reset” her campaign twice last year because Americans didn’t trust her. Whatever she has to say about Trump these days just reminds people how horrible she is a candidate.


From Newsmax:

Hillary Clinton blasted her Republican challenger Donald Trump Thursday for running a campaign completely devoid of any policy proposals.

Everything is a game to him. It’s like he’s living in his celebrity reality TV program,” Clinton said at a campaign rally in Charlotte, N.C. She compared her campaign to Trump’s, saying her policies are “not just bluster, not just empty words, not demagogic rhetoric — they are real plans that will improve your lives and make this country better and safer.”

She zeroed in on Trump’s comments made last night during a national security forum hosted by NBC, in which he criticized some of the country’s top generals and suggested he would fire them and choose his generals. “Since he knows so much about what it takes to be a general,” Clinton said sarcastically.

“One thing you didn’t hear from him is any plan to take on ISIS, one of the biggest threats facing our country. He says his plan is still a secret,” she said. “Well, the truth is he doesn’t have a plan.”

Clinton also took a jab at Trump for his campaign’s leadership shakeup. In August, Trump tapped Steve Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News to be chief executive of his campaign. He also promoted pollster, Kellyanne Conway, to campaign manager.

It’s obvious from the forum on Wednesday night; Hillary is an echo of Obama, no new ideas. Her robotic performance is pathetic, just stale rhetoric and what’s with the earbud? How many of you sick and tired of listening to another fantasy explanation about her emails.

Clinton has so much baggage to talk about; I am shocked she keeps opening her mouth. I know she is running for President, but she shouldn’t be running for President. It’s that simple.

Can you believe Hillary wants to go after Trump as if she has no skeletons in her closet? Share your voice below in the comment section and let me know what you think of her audacity.