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Hours Before Debate, American Economists SLAM Hillary’s Plan!

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Over 300 national economists just ripped Hillary Clinton’s economic plan calling it “wrong for America.” I am not sure dropping this on the American public hours before the 2016 presidential debate was done on purpose but it will be effective as the economy will be discussed tonight.

Hillary has been part of the political establishment for over 30 years. She has no new ideas or ways to fix things and we all know it which is why these top economists must be heard!

From The Hill:

On Monday, I joined with 305 economists from universities, think tanks and businesses across the country to convey a message to the American people: “Hillary Clinton’s economic agenda is wrong for America.”

While Clinton offers more of the same, we suggest an alternative. “What America needs, and what Americans deserve,” says the statement, “is an agenda of economic freedom: limited but effective government, policies that rely on and strengthen markets, pro-growth tax reform, sensible federal spending restraint, regulatory relief, sound money, and freedom to trade.”

According to a report published jointly years ago by more than 70 think tanks around the world, the United States was the world’s sixth most economically free country in 2008. Since then, America’s commitment to economic freedom has eroded in both absolute and relative terms. An update to the report, released earlier this month, finds that the U.S. now ranks as the 16th most free — behind Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates.

Very disappointing.

The bottom line? With the economy barely growing 2 percent annually and with federal spending, taxes and deficits all projected to rise in the coming decade, we cannot afford to continue for another four years with policies that simply don’t work.

Our message is unequivocal. Economic freedom is the key to American prosperity. Hillary Clinton’s economic agenda is wrong for America.

You can check out the entire list of 305 economist at The Hill

Given Hillary’s undisputed reputation for lying, why should any plan put forth by her be given any consideration at all? Trump might not be my first choice, but when it comes to Hillary, there is no choice. We can’t afford to lose more American lives due to her tested and failed leadership.

Trump is a successful businessman and a billionaire. He is more knowledgeable about the economy than most economists!!! Compare his knowledge with Hillary Clinton who obtained all of her money through fraud such as the Clinton Foundation. If she is elected our country will have even more debt than the trillions of dollars we owe now.

The choice is clear; there is no choice. Vote Trump!

What do you think about these economist coming out against Hillary on the day of the first presidential debate? Is this another nail in Hillary’s political coffin? Share your analysis below in the comments section.