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Newly Leaked Hillary Emails: This is the Worst Thing She’s Done Yet

Hillary emails

Wikileaks is releasing emails and dropping documents with a vengeance. Every day is almost like Christmas for conservative journalists, opinion writers, and many editors at large. So much information is there and many are trying to take down Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and her horrid campaign to win the White House.

It seems the Clinton campaign was getting advice from a moderator during the presidential primary. CNBC anchor John Harwood. Harwood had his run-in with Donald Trump during the 2016 GOP primary debates and he even boasted about how he questioned the nominee.

This election is no longer Republicans vs Democrats! It’s the people versus the government, biased media, establishment politicians, power, government control, money, annoying liberal Hollywood stars, the elites, corrupt politicians and most importantly LYING politicians! Hillary for Prison.

Hillary emails

From Washington Free Beacon:

The Hillary Clinton campaign bragged “every single interviewer was for her” during a visit to Michigan during the Democratic primary season, according to recently released hacked emails.

Notes from campaign events sent by Nick Merrill, Clinton’s traveling press secretary, revealed a cozy relationship with the media, a recurring theme in the document dump of campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails.

Emails have shown CNBC anchor John Harwood offering advice to the Clinton campaign and bragging about how he questioned Donald Trump as a debate moderator. The New York Times alsogave veto power to the campaign over what Hillary Clinton quotes could be used in a profile.

The email thread also revealed a friendly relationship between CNN Politics Producer Dan Merica and Clinton. Merrill described the two as “basically courting each other at this point.”

I consider this as further evidence that the media is indeed left-wing and become an extension of the Democrat Party.

Sean Hannity has said time and time again, journalism is dead. If the people can’t trust the moderators of a debate to be fair with the American people, who can we trust. Harwood shouldn’t have a relationship with the Clinton team unless he’s being paid and there is no conflict of interest with CNBC.

Time for a movement to turn off the media and hurt their viewership and impact their ad revenue. People talk about it all the time but it’s time to make them pay for trying to force the American people to do as they say.

What do you think of the Clinton campaign and CNBC’s Hardwood colluding to take down Trump? Aren’t you tired of the mainstream media and their bias against Republicans? Share your voices below and let me know what you think.

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Comments on “Newly Leaked Hillary Emails: This is the Worst Thing She’s Done Yet”

  1. Marilyn says:

    We’ve known the media and debate commentators are biased and that cheating was their modus operandi. This just provides proof though it will do little more than change a FEW minds because most will not remove their blinders.