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SHOCKING New Details About Benghazi PROVE Hillary Should Be In Jail!

Hillary emails

Hillary Clinton should be in jail right now, and there’s another way to put it. She purposely and with malicious intent used software to destroy her emails so the government couldn’t see them. I am not a lawyer, but that is obstruction of justice along with a few more charges.

Clinton is, without a doubt, the most corrupt human being on the face of the Earth and anyone who supports her should be ashamed of themselves.

Hillary emails

From YourNewsWire:

Congressman Trey Gowdy has disclosed new details about the Clinton email scandal that prove without a doubt the Democratic nominee intentionally destroyed evidence. In the video below, Gowdy reveals that Clinton used “BleachBit” – a drastic cyber-measure – to “hide traces of files deleted” from her private server and “prevent recovery.”

Arguing that the FBI failed to ask Hillary Clinton the right questions during its interview last month, Gowdy said if FBI Director James Comey were truly trying to decide her intent in using a private, unsecured, unauthorized email server, he would have asked different questions.

“Remember James Comey said she was not indicted because he didn’t have sufficient evidence on the issue of intent? I didn’t see any questions on the issue of intent,” the congressman said.

Is using BleachBit to scrub all the evidence, and prevent recovery, not intent?

Watch Rep. Trey Gowdy breakdown what they uncovered during the committee investigation:

This proves she knowingly committed a crime. She committed another crime when she destroyed evidence that was ordered to be handed over. Now we know she used a high-level program to destroy all traces of her emails.

Someone in Clinton’s entourage is pretty slimy to be able to do this. I work on computers too and never heard of this. I wonder if they can they retrieve the emails from the people she sent them too?

Well, I guess not because who know who she sent them to? How can we trust her? I’m glad that someone in Congress is telling us these things. It seems she is not talking about wiping them away with a cloth this time.

When will someone who cares about this country’s national intelligence have the stones to arrest and convict this woman? This is beyond the pale. What would you do in a predicament like this? How would you react to this news? Share your comments below and let me know your end game.