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Hillary Got SLAMMED in the News This Week! Check Out Some of the Best Annihilations!

Over at the GOP’s War Room, they have a collection of the best insights into the fall of Hillary, straight out of headlines this week on the heels of polls that show the presumptive Democratic nominee isn’t doing nearly as well as she would have liked.

1. Throughout His Presidency, Obama Has Never Had As Low Favorable/Unfavorable Numbers As Clinton Now Has: This beautiful headline comes care of NBC, who, along with the Wall Street Journal, conducted the survey.

2. Independents Continue To Sour On Clinton By A 25 Point Margin – 27 Percent Have A Positive View Of Clinton While 52 Percent Hold A Negative View

3. Clinton’s Support Amongst African-Americans Continues To Nosedive Since June As Her Favorable Numbers Have Dropped 15 Percent And Her Negative Numbers Increased By 12 Percent: Both of the above come from the Wall Street Journal

4. Clinton’s Terrible Poll Numbers Are Adding “To The Consternation Already Permeating Democratic CirclesThe Hill

5. NBC’s Mark Murray On Clinton Favorability: “The Past Month Has Been Very Rough For Her”

These bad numbers from independents, women and African Americans are great news for Joe Biden, who appears to be testing the waters on his own presidential run. Last week it was reported that before his death, Beau Biden encouraged his father to make his third run for the White House in 2016. Despite considering stepping down from his role as Vice President due to his desire to care for his family in the wake of the tragedy, Biden is apparently seriously considering following his dying son’s advice and taking on Hillary Clinton.

While conservatives wouldn’t normally find themselves cheering on Joe Biden, in this case we should. As we saw in the GOP primary last time around, a nominee emerges with far more bruises and with a much smaller war chest on the heels of a contentious primary race. Democratic infighting will only further sink the favorabilities for both Hillary and Biden in the process.

Who would you choose to be the Democratic nominee?