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New Poll Should Have Gun Control Activists Panicking!

Hillary Gun Ban

Earlier this week, Headline Politics reported that Hillary Clinton is seeking to ban some of the most common guns in America if she becomes president. Not only should gun owners be extremely worried, but it sheds some new light on the anti-gun agenda of leftists like Mrs. Clinton.

Well, a new poll out should give gun owners some comfort, as support for a handgun ban has dropped 13% since 2004. According to Gallup, just 23% of Americans support such a ban, which comes alongside news that support for an “assault weapons” ban has also declined in recent years.

36% of Americans support such a ban, which represents a 21% decline since 1996 and an 8% decline from 2012, when 44% of Americans supported a ban on “assault weapons.”

Here’s an explanation from Gallup for the decline in support for such gun bans:

In an era of ongoing terrorist attacks and mass shootings in the U.S., Americans are now more likely to oppose an assault weapons ban than they have been in two decades. One reason may be the large increase in opposition to such a ban among Republicans. Whereas 20 years ago half of Republicans were open to such legislation, now only one in four are. But politics alone do not explain the declining support, since it has dropped among independents and Democrats as well, although on a smaller scale.

It is possible this represents a backlash against calls by some in the national media and the federal government to ban certain weapons after mass shootings occur. This backlash may reflect growing apprehension that the government may infringe upon particular civil and personal liberties.

These new findings should provide some comfort to gun owners who feel as though the federal government constantly wants to infringe their Second Amendment rights. Thankfully, most Americans do not support bans on handguns or “assault weapons” as they provide millions of individuals with a sense of security and protection.

H/T: Breitbart

Are you surprised by the findings in this latest Gallup survey? Do you support any gun bans? Share your thoughts below! 

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