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This is the DUMBEST Hillary Tweet Yet!

Former VP

The gun control crowd really is getting desperate. When’s the last time you heard one actually cite a statistic that showed a gun control policy working?

They may point to the UK, which has a low gun crime rate and virtual ban on firearms – but the UK has always had low gun crime. In fact, their gun crime was lower before they implemented gun control. Another favorite is Australia, which liberals also claim banned all guns following a mass shooting. What they actually implemented was a gun buyback in the late nineties that reduced the supply of guns by about a third… and by 2010 there were just as many guns in circulation in Australia  as there were when they “implemented” their non-existent ban.

So those “facts” are hardly facts. Here’s another claim, this one from Hillary Clinton: that 40% of guns are acquired without a background check.

So where did she pull this statistic from? A study over twenty years old that surveyed three hundred people. In fact, the study is so old that it was prior to when her husband passed the Brady Bill, which strengthened background checks.

So she’s resulting to an old trick: take a random policy and say that the majority of Americans support it so you should too. Don’t get me wrong – I’m all in favor of background checks – in the same way I’m in favor of the government paving the roads. It’s something they already do.

It’s not the public opinion poll she cited that there turned out to be a problem with, it was how she presented the information:

Here were the best Tweets in response. Those defending her atrocious chart were no where to be found.

And a personal favorite:

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Not surprisingly, the liberal media gave her a free pass on this one – but we won’t. Get the word out and share this post with friends and family on Facebook/Twitter.