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Hillary Has Lost the Democrats and Not Because of All the Scandals… It’s MUCH Worse!


Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s people should consider a change in campaign slogan from Ready For Hillary, to Tired of Hillary.

At least you’d get that impression from MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch.

Deutsch told the cast of Morning Joe that her biggest problem isn’t the myriad of scandals that are engulfing her campaign, it’s that people are simply tired of Clinton.

And that includes Deutsch himself.

Via Mediaite:

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said on Morning Joe that the greatest problem with Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign is that the American people are simply tired of her.

“The emails are actually just a symptom of the problem of Hillary,” Deutsch said. “Americans are just tired of Hillary Clinton. There comes a point in time where she comes on the TV — Hillary Clinton is very competent and very bright, just Americans have fallen out of like with her. It’s that simple.”

“Are you tired of her?” host Joe Scarborough asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

Deutsch, who self-identifies as a liberal, continued by saying he thinks Clinton “would not be an effective leader” because the country has become too polarized under her predecessor.

The MSNBC host said that he was hearing similar comments about Hillary fatigue – not from Republicans, but from powerful establishment Democrats.

“That’s not Republicans,” he said. “These are around the dinner table, around the lunch table powerful Democrats saying ‘We just can’t do this.'”

Watch the rather revealing segment below…

Comment: Are Hillary Clinton’s plummeting approval ratings due to her scandals, or because people are tired of her? Or maybe is it both?



  1. Roger says:

    Please…Just go home and bake cookies…and push your grandchild around town in Chappaqua.

  2. Jerry says:

    She was never popular with the voting citizens. She could not even beat a moral reprobate novice like Barak Obama. People are becoming aware of her own wickedness and how she has been protected from being prosecuted for her crimes.

  3. Bronson says:

    Damm , that head looks like it used up 3 bodies .