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EXPOSED! What Bill Said In 1996 Is Coming Back To HAUNT Hillary!

Hillary Health

It may be in former President Bill Clinton’s (and his wife’s) interest to help keep the Democratic Party together for the next convention.

Do we have a right to know about the health history of the next person who run our country? The overwhelming majority of Americans think so, and want both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to release their health records.

After questions began to surround Hillary’s health, Donald Trump pledged to release his in exchange for Hillary doing the same. She didn’t respond to that request, but her campaign did say she would be releasing some medical records following her health episode on September 11th, and following that, Trump said he would be doing the same.

Everyone agreed that Hillary needed to release her health records (including even President Obama’s former physician), and even Bill Clinton has made statements in the past that would imply as much.

In 1996, after Bob Dole released all of his health records and challenged the president to do the same, the White House released 11 pages of letters from doctors summarizing laboratory tests. President Clinton sat down for a lengthy interview with Lawrence Altman of the New York Times, who was also a medical doctor.  Bill Clinton told Altman he didn’t think of the interview as an invasion of privacy. “The public has a right to know the condition of the president’s health.”

We certainly do have that right.

Hillary is only releasing some medical records after her recent medical episode. Why isn’t she releasing all of her medical history? Probably because there’s something in there she doesn’t want us to see.

H/T National Review

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