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BUSTED: Hillary’s Campaign Manager Caught Lying About Her Health!

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Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, is one person I despise watching on TV this campaign season because he never knows anything, dodges all relevant questions about Clinton and pivots to Donald Trump to trash him on everything. Of course, he is a campaign manager, but Americans are tired of watching these guys lie their way through the election process without checks and balances.

The video below includes Mook, who during the interview will not be specific as to whether or not the campaign knew about Clinton’s pneumonia. As we learned from Hillary’s physician late Friday evening, the Democratic nominee was diagnosed on Friday night to have the contagious disease, but the campaign never made it public.

Now Mook can’t confirm or deny if the campaign knew about Clinton’s condition. In other words, the campaign is lying again to cover-up when all they had to do was come clean.

From The Hill:

In an interview with MSNBC on Monday, anchor Kate Snow asked Mook five times if he knew about the diagnosis, which the Clinton campaign made public Sunday only after video surfaced of her stumbling and needing assistance getting into a van.“I’m not going to get into details about who knew her medical information,” Mook said on Snow’s third run through the question. “But she made a determination with her doctor that she’d power through this. She didn’t want it to affect anything and obviously this on Sunday, when she got overheated, it was clear she needed some downtime.”

Snow followed up twice more, noting that as campaign manager, Mook is responsible for Clinton’s schedule. The Democratic nominee has cancelled a planned Monday/Tuesday West Coast swing for fundraisers and speeches as she recuperates at home in New York.

“I’m reading between the lines that the staff did not know she had pneumonia,” Snow said.

“Well look, I want to be fair here, if we’re going to talk about transparency and disclosure, Donald Trump has not released a single piece of information about his health,” Mook responded.

“Did the staff not know she had pneumonia, am I right about that? ” Snow asked in reply.

“All I’m saying is I hope you drill into this with the same detail as you’re drilling in with ours,” Mook said.

Watch the interview here:

This whole campaign cannot even keep their own lies straight anymore. They just need to come out with the truth and then keeping their lies straight would not be an issue. For all we know, Hillary could have Alzheimer’s.

The last thing Hillary deserves is the White House. The only thing she honestly earned is an orange jumpsuit and a prison cell. Love Donald Trump or hate Donald Trump, our responsibility to this country is to stop her from becoming president.

What do you think of Mook’s interview? What is he trying to hide and how can he not know he’s making it worse by stretching this incident into a place where there’s nothing but darkness. Share your opinions below and let us see what you think.


Comments on “BUSTED: Hillary’s Campaign Manager Caught Lying About Her Health!”

  1. Sherrie says:

    Hillary was told she was contagious on Friday and two days later is so ill she nearly passes out in public…Then she does what any other power hungry vote grabbing narcissist would do, she immediately grabs a young girl for a photo op…exposing her to the illness…Careful Hillary – trash and expose too many voters, you may run out of voters.