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Did CNN Just EXPOSE Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems?!?!

Hillary health

During a Labor Day speech in Cleveland, Ohio Hillary had another one of her infamous coughing fits and even CNN, which during her husband’s administration was known as the “Clinton News Network”, had to cringe a bit:

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Legal View” anchor Christine Romans characterized Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s meeting with the press aboard her plane as like “an awkward first date to me.”

Romans stated, after playing a clip of Clinton’s meeting with the press aboard her airplane, “That felt like kind of an awkward first date to me.”

Senior Political Correspondent Brianna Keilar responded, “I think there always is, perhaps, an element to that. And let’s just be clear so that viewers know, there’s a — still a separation between the press and the candidate. The candidate has some privacy up at the front of the plane. I believe — in some of these cases, you could even have the press entering through the back of the plane while the candidate enters through the front. I remember on [Sen.] Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) plane, you would actually walk by the senator. And when I was on his plane, he would just read his newspaper, and sort of be doing his own thing, so even as you entered, there might not really be a chance there. But, as a journalist, this is something that is welcome. Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy last April, and for the last 16 months or so has traveled on a separate plane than the press.

Will the press actually ever bother to ask her a real question? The woman has scandals dating back longer than I’ve been alive, yet they’re more concerned that Donald Trump sends mean Tweets.

After struggling to get through the speech, Hillary actually took some questions from the press on a plane to her next speech (though she hasn’t had a press conference in nearly three hundred days). She took a total of seven questions… before excusing herself because of her coughing.

Among those seven questions were ones as hard hitting as “How was your labor day weekend?” and “Are you ready?” Another asked, “Do you have a Labor Day message?”


H/T Breitbart

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