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Here’s PROOF The Media Is LYING About Hillary’s Health!

Hillary Health

For the past month, the conservative blogosphere has taken a hiatus from covering Hillary Clinton’s laundry list of scandals and turned their attention to her health. Such concerns were sparked by a post on the Drudge Report last month that showed Hillary Clinton appearing to need assistance from Secret Service agents while walking up a flight of stairs.

Hillary Health

Since then, a video by journalist Paul Joseph Watson cataloged a number of suspicious things about Hillary’s health in a video that has since gone viral and racked up over four million views. You can watch that video below.

But Hillary would like you to believe that these claims are nothing but part of the vast-right-wing conspiracy. While she’s dismissed such concerns about her health, she still hasn’t released her health records, even though Donald Trump promised to release his if she does. Even Barack Obama’s former physician thinks she should release those records – and he’s voting for her!

And the media isn’t helping. Rather than continuing to ask questions, they’re merely dismissing all claims about Hillary’s health. Here’s just one example, from Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza who called on journalists to “stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health.”

Hillary Health

When journalists will dismiss Hillary’s scandals you have to wonder how they’d react had she been a Republican. And case in point, here’s that exact same columnist discussing McCain’s health, which he found problematic.

Hillary Health


The media has a lower approval rating than Congress, and I just can’t imagine why.

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