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We Must Boycott These Hollywood Leftists After What They Said About Trump Voters!

Hillary Hollywood Supporters

What classless lefties! Theirs must be the party of hate as exhibited in the tweets they sent out against Donald Trump supporters. On Friday night, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton called Trump voters a “basket of deplorables,” and “irredeemable bigots.” Now her Hollywood friends are demeaning the very fans that helped them get where they are in the first place.

It is those hard working Americans that bought your movies and records and made you all rich and famous. How sad it is that you’ve forgotten that little fact as you slip into your declining years.

Hillary Hollywood Supporters

Hillary Hollywood Supporters

Nothing but personal attacks like little children. I guess that old saying, “once a man, twice a child,” can be used with this article.

From NewsBusters:

Hillary Clinton was no stranger to controversy this weekend. After labeling half of Trump supporters “deplorables” and becoming unsteady at a 9/11 commemoration ceremony, the Democratic candidate was diagnosed with pneumonia, leading her to cancel a California fundraising trip and a scheduled appearance on The Ellen Show.

Although they missed seeing her person, Hill’s Hollywood fans took to Twitter to express concern for her health, while others threw in some snide comments about the Right for good measure.

Ultra liberal filmmaker Michael Moore called on his followers to shoulder some of Clinton’s workload while she recovered. “Hillary: U need to REST. Take the wk off. Take 2. Let the rest of us pull the weight. Every1 can do a little. Who’s w/ me? Tweet #IWorkHRest.” Moore’s tweet garnered over 6,300 likes.

Later, he turned sour, posting: “Note to Trump: Millions of Americans would favor Hillary even if she had leprosy, The Plague & was in a full-body cast rather than vote four u.”


It’s very simple. Stop going to these people’s movies, concerts, and stand-up comedy shows. Stop watching them on TV. Stop buying their DVDs and CDs. Contact their sponsors and employers and let them know why you have stopped following them. Hurt them where it counts. Cut off their source of income and let them know that just because the wicked one gets away with insulting half the population doesn’t mean they can pile on.

Hillary Hollywood Supporters

The best these clowns have to offer is flippant, snarky, throw away commentary. Cracks me up how they worry so much about Trump’s complexion, but not a care in the world for the sudden, and mysterious deaths of crooked Hillary’s political enemies, and overt lawlessness.

What do you think of Hollywood celebrities joining Hillary to attack hard-working Americans? Is that the way it is now? These fantasy actors want to attack the very ones that put food on their table by putting up with bad acting and deplorable singing?

Let me know if you will boycott these malamutes today. Share your voices below in the comment section and let me know how you feel about them targeting you during this election cycle.


Comments on “We Must Boycott These Hollywood Leftists After What They Said About Trump Voters!”

  1. Bob says:

    Most of these Hollywood A-holes are over the hill has-ben’s who don’t like the rest of the liberals, give a sh*t about the average man or WOMAN. They’ve made their fortunes & names for themselves
    & like to think of themselves as ELITISTS who are so much SMARTER than the average person.
    They think because they have money they have CLASS. You can tell that when they laughed at the insulting remarks Hillary said about the “deplorable ” people because they disagree with the liberal agenda.