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Grandma Hillary Can’t Figure Out How Internet Thing Works. Wants To Run America


Hillary Clinton is an old and sick grandma. She’s so old that doesn’t know how to work this dang computer contraption thing!

Via The Hill

Hillary Clinton did not know how to use a computer to read and send emails when she entered office as the nation’s top diplomat in 2009.

She only knew how to read her messages via BlackBerry, according to an official at the time.

Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, told State Department official Lewis Lukens that there could be a “problem,” because Clinton “does not know how to use a computer to do email — only [Blackberry],” he wrote in a 2009 email released on Monday.”

“But I said [it] would not take much training to get her up to speed,” he claimed.

It’s unclear whether Clinton was ever trained to use a computer to access emails.


She knows how to use a little computer in her hand but can’t do the same on a computer? Does she really think we are this stupid?
The media is gonna lap this up. They are in her corner away!

Now Watch This. She could also use an iPad to access email…but not a “computer”?

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