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Hillary Is an EXPERT at This One Thing… Is This a Skill You Want Your President to Have?


Hillary Clinton continues to attempt to ride her husband’s coattails to the White House, but her lack of campaign skills may be her Achilles’ heel.

Hillary refuses to answer basic questions and it’s gotten so obvious that even MSNBC is calling her out on it.

The Washington Free Beacon released a Supercuts video of Hillary dodging questions that show that she’s not prepared for the Presidency.

“Noteworthy moments from the Clinton campaign trail include dodging the press for more than 40,000 minutes, refusing to answer basic human questions such as what her favorite flavor of ice cream is, and roping off the press like cattle during a parade.

A Free Beacon analysis found that Clinton is an expert at deflecting questions. She employs a masterful combination of buzzwords, circular reasoning, and inspiring tone to disguise her non-answers.

Therefore, it is safe to assume Clinton would be a first-round pick for a recess dodgeball game. After all, if you can dodge a question, you can dodge a ball.”

If you could ask Hillary Clinton a question that she had to answer, what would it be? Please comment below.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon



  1. Nancy says:

    lol show me a politician who doesn’t do this all i know is the suits as i like to call them has done nothing but drive this country into the ground with petty fighting and greed and putting the all mighty dollar into their pockets and not the working people. I am tired of the suits and the bickering back and forth personally I think everybody should be kicked out of office and have a whole new restart with just the american people voting without the person with the most money winning I for one am voting for hillary clinton i feel maybe it it time to give a women a chance because the guys are sure not getting the job done

    1. Ann says:

      This is the Most stupid comment I’ve Read today. Give a woman the Job because a man can’t do it?

    2. Thomas says:

      If you paste your first sentence into Google and search…All that comes up is hildog’s Name!!

    3. Alexander says:

      Thats as dumb as voting for a black man because a ‘white man isnt getting the job done’….and then the black man fks things up even worse.
      How about voting for the BEST person for the job sometime?