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Hillary Is in HUGE Trouble After MSNBC Said THIS about Carly Fiorina!

carly fiorina

How bad is it getting for Hillary Clinton’s campaign these days?

MSNBC has been mocking her and is now singing the praises of another woman running for President.

Earlier this week, the staff of Morning Joe blasted Hillary for a speech she gave in front of a Women For Hillary rally, saying her performance was “horrific,” chastising her for being unable to tell the truth, and suggesting she “should fire most of her staff.”

By contrast, another presidential candidate is earning high marks from the folks at Morning Joe – and that candidate just so happens to be a woman as well. A Republican woman.

Via the Free Beacon:

Fiorina, meanwhile, is “making waves,” as Brzezinski put it, after her new ad that was an unsubtle response to Trump’s comments about her face.

“This is the face of a 61-year-old woman. I am proud of every year and every wrinkle,” Fiorina says in the ad.

“Oh my gosh, that would be how you do it,” Brzezinski said after watching it. “That would be how you do it.”

“I got chills,” Scarborough said. “That’s how you do it.”

“We’ve been saying for months, she’s proved us right at the first debate, she’s proved us right again here with this ad,” co-host Willie Geist said. “She’s running a great campaign… That’s how you turn a moment like that, and without making a cheap attack back at Donald Trump, turn it into something like that ad we see right there.”

Fiorina’s campaign has been surging recently, earning a spot in the upcoming CNN Republican debate. Conversely, Hillary’s poll numbers have plummeted, even losing 30 points in support amongst women voters.

The two women seem to be headed in opposite directions, and the fact that even MSNBC is taking notice should be a major concern for Team Clinton.

Comment: Who do you think is running a better campaign, Hillary or Carly Fiorina?

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