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Hillary Makes THIS Racist Gaffe And Donald Trump Pounced Quickly – AWESOME!


It looks like the PC Queen could take some PC lessons herself. Lol!

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton made a disparaging remark about men at a function this past weekend and used Native Americans as a reference. It never fails that “cooked Hillary” continues to push her true self to the front and America should beware of the ugliness (no pun intended) that they will see.

For Clinton, I guess being able to deal with men “Going Off the Reservation,” means Bill sexually harassing women …….again.

And, “Handling” them must mean threatening those women who have claimed sexual harassment, and even rape, by Bill; and treating these women who dare to ACCUSE Bill, as ‘Trailer Trash’ whom you could attract by “dragging a $100 bill through a trailer park” as her ‘Praetorian Guard’, reptilian-eyed, political advisor, James Carville from Louisianna said of Bill’s female accusers.

When Hilary Clinton said the ‘we must ALWAYS believe women who claim they have been sexually abused or raped,’ that must mean ‘EXCEPT’ women who accuse Bill Clinton of such behavior.

From Hannity.com:

Hillary Clinton has once again stepped into the politically correct mine field that is modern politics. This time, the former Secretary of State has been accused of using a term that is considered offensive to the Native American community during a recent interview.

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper how she planned on dealing with GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump during a potential general election matchup, Hillary said “I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak.”

Apparently the commonly used phrase “off the reservation” is now off the table.

Donald Trump was quick to jump on the gaffe, tweeting this morning:

“If I made that statement about women, then there’d be front page headlines,” he said. “I think it’s a very nasty statement to men, and if I made that statement, it would be a big, big story.”

A young girl of Native American heritage responded to her also:

Native News Online columnist Mark Charles said Clinton’s “off the reservation” comment “demonstrates she does not understand the systemic racism and blatant oppression that has been endured by people of color throughout the entire history of this nation.”

I thought she learned after the “cp time” fiasco where she made fun of black vocabulary. Hillary is seriously a criminal with her email scandal and blowing up the whole Middle East, yet this guy is giggling on TV like a little teenager during this interview. Total joke.

No wonder America wants Trump. They are so sick and tired of this condescending reporting. It’s a complete joke. How anyone can defend Hillary is just insane. And I’m a lifelong democrat.

H/T – NativeNewsOnline, Hannity

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