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Hillary’s Coronation? These Polls Numbers Say It’s Her Swan Song!

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2016 was supposed to Hillary Clinton’s coronation, part two. In 2007, everything was meant to come easily to the “Queen of Mean,” but she ran into the Barack Obama roadblock, and she didn’t like it one bit. Hillary thought she was supposed to win the Democrat nomination hands down, and everyone else was supposed to just fall in line.

In 2008, the pulse of the country was pushed towards an inexperienced and radical junior senator by a media juggernaut who’s agenda to get him elected was more powerful than her political machine.

Now it’s 2016, and a successful businessman with name recognition has jumped in the race to make a real change.

Hillary’s coronation part two has begun to fail, and the latest poll numbers are a sad reminder that Americans do not want her to be their next president.

Hillary never saw Trump coming, and now she has no answer. Monday night will be the first presidential debate, and the poll numbers show both candidates tied which make all of these debates fascinating and important.

From Newsmax:

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are in a virtual dead heat in the race for the White House on the eve of the first debate between the nominees, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

The survey among likely voters split this way:

  • Clinton: 46 percent
  • Trump: 44 percent
  • Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson: 5 percent
  • Green Party nominee Jill Stein: 1 percent.

Among registered voters, support goes like this:

  • Clinton: 41 percent
  • Trump: 41 percent
  • Johnson: 7 percent
  • Stein: 2 percent

The head-to-head match among likely voters between the Democratic and GOP nominees shows:

  • Clinton: 49 percent
  • Trump: 47 percentIn the two-way race, the pair are tied at 46 percent among likely voters, according to the survey.

In the two-way race, the pair are tied at 46 percent among likely voters, according to the survey.

The Washington Post notes the results illustrate the tightening of the race after each party’s national conventions, noting Clinton led Trump by 8 points in early August, and by 5 points in early September.

Dead heat? I seriously doubt it. Hillary is eating Trump’s dust right now and on Monday night she will lose the debate hands down. These numbers are so close which is terrible news for Hillary who is running for a third term of Obama. But there’s one big problem with that. She’s not Obama.

Many of my friends believe Trump is way ahead of Clinton in the polls. Trump pulls in thousands at his rallies while she gets hundreds. Trump cascades across America while Hillary campaigns from her bedside. It’s not this close.

What do you think about these latest numbers? Do you think the race is close? Share your opinion in the comment section below and give me your analysis on how the Presidential debate will end.



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  2. Dwight says:

    These polls are great and all and do show a close race. But in all reality Trump has the motivated people behind him…my god have you seen the people at the venues . There is a HUGE difference…I see a land slide of at least 65% trump to 35% clinton. The debate is tonight. 90 minutes on her feet is undoable I think. Trump will surely trounce her.