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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Just Got HUGE NEWS! Donald Trump Is…

hillary polls

Experts are relying on past elections to predict this election, but they forget one thing, no one like Donald Trump has ever run before.

As the article below states, previous elections show the candidate leading on Labor Day rarely ever loses the General Election.

Riiiggghhhttt… But this is unlike any historical race, isn’t it? Never before have we had a candidate under so many federal criminal investigations in the case of Hillary Clinton. Never before has a candidate had all of her evil exposed by a news organization such as Wikileaks who promises more to come before Election Day.

Never before has the media intentionally lied and mislead an entire population.

Never before has a sitting president conspired in covering up and protecting a criminal. Never before has the media published fake poll numbers designed to mislead people. This isn’t a witch hunt or vast GOP conspiracy. This is the majority of the population realizing that Hillary is the most dangerous candidate America has ever acknowledged.

hillary polls

From The Hill:

Hillary Clinton holds a 3.9 percentage point lead on Donald Trump on Labor Day, the traditional starting point for the end of the presidential campaign.

Seen as the time voters start paying attention, Labor Day marks the point where presidential campaigns kick efforts into high gear.

While races regularly tighten down the stretch, historical data shows that the candidate leading on Labor Day went on to win in almost every election over the past half-century. But even with history in her corner, Clinton’s lead according to the RealClearPolitics average is far from safe. The Trump phenomenon has consistently confounded pollsters, so if there’s one candidate who could make history, it’s him.

With Labor Day rolling around, here’s a snapshot of where recent races stood at the time and how those elections ultimately resolved.

Hillary acid washed her server and ordered a lowly staffer at the State Department to destroy her several email devices with a hammer not to mention despite serving on the armed services committee she couldn’t identify “C” marking. Not even Democrats believe a word that comes out of that sewer she calls a mouth, but they put their entitlements before the country. And by the way going into Labor Day Reuters Trump +1, Rassmussen Trump +1, IDB Tie, LA Times Trump +3.

If the polls were honest then they would show Trump in the lead. When the blacks get to the polls and realize their lives have not improved, just like the rest of us, the smart ones support Trump.

Do you think Hillary will hold her lead to win the general election or do you think Trump will turn things around for the win? Share your opinions below in the comment section and give us your analysis.



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  1. Malissa says:

    Trump will win!!!!!!!!!!