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Recount OVER – Hillary sets Humiliating RECORD That Will Haunt Her Forever

Hillary Clinton has been hoping her entire life that she’d be making history as the first woman President, and she did manage to make history.

She became the first female Presidential candidate to lose the election TWICE. She can thank the Green Party’s Jill Stein for that, who launched a “Recount 2016” campaign to fund a recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, three key swing states that Trump won by relatively small margins. The recount may have succeeded for Stein if her goal was to attract attention to herself, but all it was did embarrass the Clinton campaign further.

Michigan’s court of appeals threw out Stein’s attempt for a recount in their state after it was pointed out taxpayers would be on the hook for between $10-12 million for the recount. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, said it certified Trump as its winner hours after a federal judge blocked Stein’s push for a recount, saying her suspicion of hacking “borders on the irrational.”

As for Wisconsin, it was discovered that the vote count wasn’t as initially reported. Trump won by more than originally thought.

The results of the Wisconsin recount were finalized Monday, reaffirming Donald Trump‘s victory in the traditionally blue state.

The Associated Press reported Monday afternoon that Trump actually picked up 162 additional votes, keeping his margin of victory around 22,000 over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The final results, certified by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, changed by fewer than 1,800 votes.

The recount was initiated by Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein, whose other recount efforts in Michigan and Pennsylvania have been stopped by courts.

Wisconsin’s recount uncovered no widespread voter fraud or hacking.

H/T The Hill

It’s time for the Clinton camp to now move onto their next strategy: somehow trying to blame their loss on the Russians.

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