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Why Hillary Hasn’t Seen “13 Hours”


The release of Michael Bay’s film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi isn’t going to play out well for Hillary. While the film makes no mention of her by name, her name is well enough associated with the attacks to generate outrage among viewers for her inaction during those attacks.

She had remained silent about the film – probably because she doesn’t want to draw any more attention to one of her dozen scandals than there already is. That was until she was asked on CNN if she had viewed the film. She hadn’t – and as for her excuse, you just have to hear it yourself:

Yes – apparently she was just too busy campaigning.

But apparently she had enough free time to make appearances on Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, and be interviewed by variousĀ  YouTube stars (which was a bizarre attempt at acting “hip”).

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