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After America Hears This News Hillary Won’t Be Qualified To Take Up Church Offering!

Hillary Spending

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has blown through $50M in one month trying to break away from GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and not only hasn’t she been able to do it, but she’s also lost anywhere from 13-20 points in the polls.

And she wants to be our Commander-In-Chief.

It amazes me that a presidential candidate can spend $50M in a month and will continue in the months following for a job that pays about $350k per year. She has raised hundreds of millions to get the presidency. It proves the corruption.

She has been bought, and her big donors own her. Just like she has sold positions in the StateĀ DepartmentĀ as ambassadors and other jobs in exchange for millions. Then those people, like her, make millions from corrupt government deals, why else spend this much money, so sad.

Hillary Spending

From Associated Press:

Hillary Clinton spent $645,000 more a day than her opponent Donald Trump last month, but even with her $50 million campaign outlay, she has not been able to pull away from him in the race for the White House.

Clinton’s campaign had its most expensive month to date in August, eclipsing its previous monthly high by more than $12 million. And combined, Clinton and the national Democratic Party paid out $78 million in August, while Trump and the Republican National Committee spent about $47 million.

While both candidates are raising huge sums from donors, their lopsided spending lays bare the difference in the two major party presidential campaigns. Clinton is running a conventional operation featuring multimillion-dollar ad buys and expansive voter outreach. Trump has kept spending down by enjoying seemingly limitless free media coverage and outsourcing the guts of his voter contact duties to the Republican Party.

The spending disparity has also become a favored Trump boast.

“Our expenditures on advertising, our expenditures on people, our expenditures on everything are a tiny fraction. And yet we’re minimum tied,” Trump said Tuesday at a rally in Kenansville, North Carolina. “If you can spend less and be winning, that’s a positive thing, right?”

Josh Schwerin, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign, said Trump has been “derelict” in building a political operation that would help not only himself but down-ballot Republicans.

Four years ago, President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney each raised and spent about $1 billion, a formidable number that Clinton’s national finance director has also set as a benchmark.

Let me remind you again, Hillary lost ground while Trump used the media to get ahead. Who did the media say was not qualified? Hmmm, looks like the Clinton Crime Family Foundation will need to call the Middle East and sell out more Americans.

The bottom line is she’ll do the same thing to our money if elected. She’s a hardcore socialist, and she has no issue with bleeding this country dry to pay for her communist programs. Think about that.

Are you on the bubble about whether or not you can trust Hillary to run this country? Has this article help made up your mind? Share your comments below and let me know who you are voting for.


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  1. Thomas says:

    So looking forward to her Loss!!