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Hillary, Media Attacking Trump On His Taxes To Hide This From America!

Hillary taxes

Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has to be one of the dumbest presidential candidates ever! Doesn’t she realize EVERYTHING she attacks GOP nominee Donald Trump with she’s been caught doing the same thing in the past.

The majority of Americans already know the Clintons use their “Foundation” as a tax shelter and continue to get away with it as Congress won’t hold her accountable and neither will the media.

Hillary just knew the media would back her up on Trump’s tax issue. She’s been floating that for the last month or so, trying to make it “gain” traction. Their goal is to force Trump to release his taxes so they can see it but he won’t do it and that’s making liberals frustrated.

Now we see the Hillary is caught doing the same thing as Trump, using the law to pay as little as she could to but the media has turned their heads!

From Hannity:

As we reported on Monday, Hillary and Bill Clinton have used America’s labyrinthine tex code minimize their exposure to Federal taxes including shell companies in Delaware, and avoidance schemes to minimize estate taxes. Now, we’re learning that Hillary used a similar method of avoiding federal taxes in 2015 that Donald Trump did in 1995.

According to Hillary’s tax returns–which she’s published on her website–the Democratic nominee reported close to $700,000 in long-term capital losses in 2015:

Hillary taxes

According to the IRS, such long-term capital losses could have been used to reduce Clinton’s taxable income in 2015.

Hillary Clinton has attacked Donald Trump over the past several days for having claimed significant business losses in 1995, which would have allowed him to avoid paying close to two decades worth of Federal income taxes if he so chose:

However, when looking at her own history of tax avoidance, Clinton’s line of attack is looking increasingly like rank hypocrisy.

Every single tax paying American uses whatever tax advantages they can to avoid paying more taxes. Trump did nothing illegal. Meanwhile, the Clinton’s made a million dollar tax-free donation to her foundation that spends less than 10 percent on actual charitable works, and the rest goes back into their own pockets.

During the two terms that Hillary was in the Senate, she did nothing to change the laws that are made by the rich for the rich. In fact, she voted for every new tax exemption put forward and all were for the rich. Also, we cannot forget that 98 percent of her deductible charity donations were to the Clinton Foundation? I didn’t see any outrage on that fact!

Are you tired of listening to Hillary and the media try to control the narrative? What are you doing to combat their onslaught against Trump? Share your analysis below in the comment section.

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  1. Arizona Don says:

    Democrats are predictable in the fact they always accuse conservatives of exactly what they themselves are doing or have done. But that is not the problem. The problem is so many democrats are so stupid they cannot see reality. They actually believe obama and hillary do not lie! For those of us who are conservative that seems impossible but it is true. Don’t believe me ask them if they think hillary or obama would or could ever lie. Than watch Watters World and see why they think that.

  2. Bob says:

    Here is what Trump should stick to; the ISSUES for what he will do to make the country better than the 2%GDP growth over the last 8 years.
    If Hillary starts with the birther issue, he should reply it’s over & done with.
    If Hillary starts to badger on his taxes, he should reply, release your speeches & the missing E mails that were deleted & acid washed from your server. Then ask simply “why was evidence from some of your staff’s phones & servers destroyed “? Why has so many involved in the E mail server scandal taken the 5th ? Then give her time to answer & if she goes off on a tangent ,don’t follow, let her ramble on. If she says she was cleared by Comey, simply state ALL THE EVIDENCE was either not looked into or that more is coming out each day AFTER Comey ‘s announcement. Point out again your tax reduction plan & maybe ask her why on Aug 3, in Omaha she said ” we’re going to RAISE taxes on the Middle class”. It’s on video.
    Also ask her what OTHER industry besides the coal industry if she’s elected, would her administration be shutting down & how many others besides the coal miners she’d put out of work.
    Put her on the defensive about everything & follow up with NOTHING more than YOUR plans on the economy, foreign policy, immigration, strengthening the military, helping the vets,& reforming the tax system. Keep pounding those things & DON’T go off on the same path she will try to drag you down. That’s all she has, no record of accomplishments to speak of, so let her ramble on.
    Mike Pence did it with Tim Cane in their VP debate & Cane looked like Howdy Dowdy, with a plastic puppet grin & not much substance.
    If it’s all she does is attack 20 year old stuff & not have laid out her future plans for the country, in you summary, state that you’ve ( Hillary ) really haven’t given the voters a truly defined outline of your positions on how to get things turned around domestically or in foreign policies, or is your plan to just continue the same failed policies of the past 8 years?