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Pandering Hillary Just Went Overboard with Hispanics! Will She Ever Learn?

Hillary Univision

Americans have had a hard time liking Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton because she is a fake individual.  She panders to every ethnicity she can find as long as she gains their vote. I honestly think you can get her to stand on her head and bark like a dog if that would secure your vote. She has no soul, and that is not an epiphany, that’s the truth.

Clinton showed up on Univision to give a scheduled interview, and she didn’t waste time to pander to the crowd. According to Hillary, her favorite food is Mexican, and her 2-year-old granddaughter is already learning Spanish.

Pander, pander, and pander some more. What I don’t understand is how anyone can believe one word that comes out of her mouth. Weak minded I guess.

Hillary Univision

From NY Post:

Hillary Clinton’s final push as Election Day nears features an aggressive attempt to lock down the crucial vote Latino, including by claiming that her favorite food is Mexican and that her granddaughter is already learning Spanish.

“I think it would be Mexican food,” Clinton told the Univision Show “El Gordo y La Flaca” (translation: “The Fat Man & The Thin Lady”).

In an article this year for “Thrillist,” detailing her favorite restaurants in the state of the New York, Clinton listed Rao’s (Italian), Northern Lights Creamery (gelato ice cream), Lange’s Little Store (sandwiches), Charlie The Butcher’s (meat) and others.

But she didn’t list a single Mexican establishment.

“I have to watch portions. I have to watch what I eat,” she told Univision, saying “the problem never goes away.”

Clinton told the hosts that her 2-year-old granddaughter Charlotte, Chelsea’s oldest child, is learning Spanish.

The Democratic presidential candidate — who turned 69 on Wednesday — received a bottle of tequila as an early birthday gift.

In a radio interview in April with a hip-hop morning show, Clinton said that she carries “hot sauce” in her purse — wherever she goes.

The comment was largely seen as pandering to the African American community she was courting throughout the Democratic primary election.

I’m waiting for Hillary to talk to some Asian people, and then she’ll take out of her handbag and say, “I always carry chopsticks with me wherever I go.”

Hillary only cares about herself, and how much money she can get for herself or her family! She couldn’t be genuine or authentic if her damn life depended on it!

Do you think the American people will vote for her on November 8th? Do you think they will finally do what they have been talking about for years and vote against the establishment? Share your comments below.

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