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Latest WikiLeaks Dump Proves Clinton Foundation Must Be Shut Down

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The other day, Donald Trump enraged liberals by stating that he’d be accepting the election results – if he wins.

The crowd he was speaking to cheered – but liberals weren’t pleased. The next day, Hillary Clinton gave a speech stating that she was “horrified” he wouldn’t accept the election results, which she cited as a “threat to our democracy.” I’m a bit unsure at how this is a threat to democracy, because Trump’s acceptance (or lackthereof) of the outcome this November has zero effect on who will actually be taking office.

Regardless, Eric Trump clarified that his father would be accepting the results of the election if it was a fair election. But The Donald has good reason to believe that it won’t be.

Leaked WikiLeaks e-mails between Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Clinton Foundation officials prove that Hillary Clinton’s foundation engaged in blatant criminal solicitation fraud.

It is illegal for charities (like the Clinton Foundation) to lie about what kind of work they do or use donor money for anything but exactly what they advertised and are approved to do.

But that doesn’t stop the Clintons!

The e-mail exchange in question is between Podesta, Clinton Foundation Chief Communications Officer Craig Minassian, and President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff Tina Flournoy.

These aren’t low-level nobodies. These are three of the people closest to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

For starters, Minassian admits they lied about using money to fund education in Africa in 2008:


Yet here was the Clinton Foundation in the Philanthropy News Digest in 2008:


Minassian confirms to Podesta:


Podesta, Minassian, and Fluornoy admit moving money from one foundation program to another at will and misrepresenting which programs/foundations did which charity work:

screen screen3

 So what does this all mean? Clinton’s top staffers:
  1. Admit to lying about funds supposedly used for education in 2008 (that’s fraud).
  2. Admit to diverting and raiding funds around various programs and foundations without disclosing (fraud).
  3. Admit to crediting the Clinton Foundation with charity work done by a separate organization (CHAI), even though they know CHAI could notice and “push back.” That’s also fraud.

If they’re willing to commit this kind of fraud – does anyone really think it’s a stretch that there will be a surge in voter fraud this election? Of course they will – it’s only a question of how much voter fraud we’ll see.

H/T GotNews

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