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If Voters See THIS VIDEO, Hillary Will Lose In A Landslide!

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Over the weekend, Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton on her gun-grabbing ideology. He came right out and said, “Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment.” He said “Hillary Clinton wants to take your guns away,” and “the bullets away.”

She wants strict gun-control laws, and she wants gun manufacturers to be held liable for the criminal acts committed by people who purchase guns! She knows that is an indirect way of abolishing the 2nd Amendment because it would be the end of the guns being made in America.

Now, she will say, “Oh I don’t want to abolish the 2nd Amendment.” She not honest enough to come out and say she wants to get rid of guns. But that is what she and the radical Left are all about.

This is a winning issue for Donald Trump. He needs to hammer her on the 2nd Amendment every day and every chance he gets. Millions of women are now buying firearms for protection, and this is how he can drive a wedge between Hillary and the votes of women.

He also made the important point that if Hillary is elected, she will pack the Supreme Court with leftist judges “who will destroy our nation.”

Here is Hillary talking about the 2nd amendment:

Can anyone imagine the blood bath there would be if the government tried to take the people’s guns? Just remember, every country that has been taken over by a dictatorship was first disarmed. And right now the biggest terrorist threat in this country is the federal government.

Barack Obama and Hillary are after our guns, but it’s not really about guns it is about control. Once again, they want to charge the gun manufacturer, the gun store, the bullet manufacture, etc., with the crime a THUG commits with an illegal gun. Listen to their speeches; it is true. If Hillary gets in office we will lose our right to bear arms; she will put people on the Supreme Court that are anti-gun, and they will create laws preventing us from bearing arms. Listen to their speeches; you don’t have to believe me. JUST LISTEN!

H/T – The Hill, Breitbart

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