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Hillary Still Won New Hampshire – Here’s How


The media is reporting a massive win for Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary. After a near-tie in the Iowa caucus, Bernie dominated Hillary with 60.4% of the vote, compared to 38% for Bernie. Martin O’Malley somehow managed to still garner a few votes.

While Bernie won the popular vote, the candidates are competing not just for votes, but for delegates.

Sanders had won 13 delegates with his 20-point victory on Tuesday and is expected to raise that total to 15 by the time all of the votes are counted.

Two of the state’s 24 delegates are currently unpledged but will likely be awarded to Sanders once the results are finalized.

Clinton won nine delegates in the primary but came into the contest with the support of six superdelegates, who are state party insiders given the freedom to support any candidate they choose.

Superdelegate support is fluid, though, so some of those delegates now backing Clinton could switch to Sanders before the Democratic National Convention in late July.

But as it stands, the superdelegate support gives Clinton a total of 15 New Hampshire delegates.

According to the Associated Press’ delegate count, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders 394-44. Clinton has roughly 360 superdelegates to 8 for Bernie Sanders. Clinton already has 16.5% of the delegates needed to win the nomination.

H/T: PoliticsUSA

Even Democrat voters don’t want Hillary to be president. We often complain about the Republican establishment, but the Democrat establishment is just as skilled in propping up their candidates of choice.

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