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Hillary’s Faux Pas May Have Put Our Country’s Safety at Risk – Look What She’s Done


Hillary Clinton’s campaign continues to struggle amid her numerous scandals. The email scandal which the former First Lady has repeatedly attempted to dismiss, continues to engulf her lagging campaign.

Clinton’s use of a personal email server for official State Department business has created a transparency issue for Hillary as well as a national security issue for the country. And now it has been exposed that hackers attempted to break into her email.

The emails that have already been released point to the former First Lady being out of touch with technology. One email showed she needed someone to turn on the ringer on her phone. It is unknown whether she knew not to click on the links in these emails to expose herself to the hackers.

On MSNBC, AP Reporter Bradley Klapper stated, “Clearly, the danger was present. Clearly, hackers knew enough to target her email address, which was not public.”

Hillary’s email scandal has left the public feeling that she is untrustworthy. Her poll numbers continue to drop as more information is released and she continues to dismiss the severity of it. If hackers were able to break into her server, they would have been privy to classified information that should not have been available to the public.

Do you believe this scandal will spell the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Please comment below.

H/T: Free Beacon