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BUSTED! Hillary’s State Department Caught In MASSIVE Cover-Up!

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This has to be one of the biggest fails in the history of the United States State Department.

As you know, Hillary Clinton has been less than forthcoming about releasing her emails to the public for over a year now. She had previously said all of her emails were deleted, and when they were miraculously found, she claimed she had released 30,000 emails, but more were destroyed in the process. Clinton has lied the entire time, and it seems nobody has put her in check or held her accountable.

Just a couple of weeks ago the US State Department released an IG report stating Clinton did not have permission to have a private email server sending out sensitive government messages, even though she said everybody knew it.

Well this time the State Deptartment got caught red-handed trying to protect Clinton or so it seems. The International Business Times (IBT) put in a Freedom of Information Act request as an attempt to show America how stupid the system is to get records and what he got back should shock everyone.


From Law News:

But a recent FOIA request by the International Business Times might win in terms of demonstrating the absolute morass of the FOIA process.  David Sirota, senior editor for investigations, filed a request for Clinton’s State Department correspondence regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He made the request back in July 2015. At first, he got a response that the Clinton emails would be ready April 2016.  That’s not bad — less than a year.

That month came and went, no emails. So he followed up, and Sirota recently got an email back from the State Department saying emails would be ready … but not until after the November election. As if that’s not outrageous enough —  we happened to notice, while taking a closer look at his response, that the day they promised to return the emails literally doesn’t exist.  There is no such date.

Charlotte W. Duckett, from the U.S. Department of State, replied to Mr. Sirota that his “new estimated completion date for you request is November 31, 2016.” To be clear, November has 30 days (30 days has September, April, June and November.)  That day doesn’t exist. Needless to say, it is not clear when Sirota will get his request back. And, of course, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has already weighed in on this one.

“Hillary Clinton’s TPP emails should absolutely be released, as her support for TPP threatens to permanently undermine U.S. workers and sovereignty,” Stephen Miller, a policy advisor for Trump, said in a statement to IBT.

Our government is broken. The so-called leaders elected to help fix it don’t know what they’re doing. We need competent people that we can stand with that have some experience, some background and previous successes, and we’re not getting that from these career politicians.

How do you craft a letter to the public with a false date? How do you feel about that? What are your thoughts about the government putting out some bogus date to try to satisfy the inquiry? Share your comments below and add this story to your Facebook or Twitter page.


Comments on “BUSTED! Hillary’s State Department Caught In MASSIVE Cover-Up!”

  1. Adrian says:

    A whole lot of people are going to prison in ruin thanks to the Clintons and their shaking down world leaders for “contributions” to their “charity.” Pure scumbags deserving of long terms in Leavenworth.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.