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Hispanics Just Showed Their Love For Trump In A MAJOR WAY!

Trump Just Received

Americans already know that Donald J. Trump had a fantastic night on Tuesday, scoring a MASSIVE win in the New York Primary, But what you might not know is that the GOP frontrunner even won the Hispanic vote in New York City, this despite the liberal media continuing to hit Trump on the issue of illegal immigration.

From Breitbart:

Analysis of the New York Times‘ vote tracker shows Trump won 61 percent in areas with at least a 50 percent Hispanic population.

“It’s an unexpected victory to many political pundits and establishment Republicans who were sure Mr. Trump would [repel] the Hispanic vote through his bombastic statements and immigration plan,” the Washington Times’ Kelly Riddell reports.

According to Riddell, in a poll taken prior to the New York primary, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich were favored over Trump by the Hispanic community.

“New York is Mr. Trump’s home state, and Mr. Cruz’s ‘New York values’ comment could’ve hurt him worse than anyone predicted. But it’s still interesting Mr. Trump pulled out a win with this demographic, and it might mean — despite what the polls are saying and most in the political and punditry class — that he’s not doomed in the general,” Riddell adds.

Given the liberal media’s hatred of Trump, it is highly unlikely that any of these outlets will admit that he does very well among Hispanic Republicans!

Do you think Trump can make inroads with Hispanic voters in the General Election? Share your thoughts below! 

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