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Historic City Is Recaptured From ISIS And Something Horrifying Is Discovered

A general view for the historical city of Palmyra with the Fakhr-al-Din al-Maani Castle also known as Palmyra Castle in the background 

The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra was recently re-captured from ISIS. The city was renowned for its beautiful ancient architecture, most of which was destroyed by the Islamic State.

As Syrian troops marched into the city this week, not only was there dismay over the rubble of ancient architectural marvels, but shock and disgust at something else that was discovered.

Via BBC:

Syrian troops have found a mass grave containing about 40 bodies in the city of Palmyra following its recapture from the Islamic State (IS) group, state news agency Sana reports.

The grave containing the bodies of men, women and children was uncovered on the north-eastern edge of the city.

Some had been beheaded while others had been shot, a military source told AFP.

He said they were officers, soldiers, members of pro-regime militia and their relatives.

Twenty-four of the victims were civilians, including three children, the source added.

The bodies have been transferred to a military hospital in the provincial capital Homs. Some have reportedly been identified.

Sickening. ISIS has no shame and knows NO bounds. They are bent on murder and destruction, even if it comes to murdering women and children.

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