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History Books Tells Us George Washington Was The 1st U.S. President But We Found The Truth!


I have written a couple of stories about President’s Day on The Political Insider, but nothing like this. In school, we were taught our first U.S. President was George Washington. Most of us would never question that because of all the photos, background information and numerous movies on the big screen plastering it inside our heads that he was number one.

But what if we were to tell you there was another before him that led the nation and not only that, the new leader of the New World established Thanksgiving as the first official U.S. Holiday? You would be shocked beyond imagination wouldn’t you?

Readers, meet President Peyton Randolph!

From Toptenz.net

Ever heard of Peyton Randolph?

Did you know he was the first president of the United States? Is the argument in his favour sound?

This one is not so much a case of mistaken achievement or a result of the truth being lost to time as it is a technicality. George Washington is and most likely always will be officially recognized as the first president of the United States. But Peyton Randolph was the first president of the Continental Congress, which governed the “United Colonies of America” during the American Revolution, which would go on to become the United States (obviously). A letter to Washington from one of the so called “forgotten presidents,”

John Hancock, was signed “President,” and Washington’s reply was addressed to “The President of the United States”. There were no fewer than 14 presidents before Washington. The reason he is considered the first is because the rest never served under the current constitution.

But it was because of many of the other forgotten presidents that the US gained independence in the first place, and it hardly seems fair that they be forgotten just because they had to be a confederation to do this. Should every president prior to the entrance of Hawaii be dropped to, since technically they were only president of some United States?

Check out the story of other U.S. Presidents as it is very interesting:

H/T – Toptenz.net,

Stick with me and you learn a lot more. What did you think of learning these facts? Hopefully, these men get their just due and are not forgotten. Help spread the word by adding this story to your social media timeline and tell us what you thought after watching the video.