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Hobby Lobby Has A Surprise Of BIBLICAL Proportions For President Obama

Hobby Lobby

Steve Green, the president of Hobby Lobby, the business that fought and successfully upheld religious freedom against President Obama’s ‘Affordable’ Care Act, is delivering another healthy dose of religion to Washington, D.C.

The Green family is bringing “one of the world’s largest private collections of rare biblical texts, objects, and artifacts” to the capital, creating the National Museum of the Bible.

Via the Conservative Post:

When the Green family, founders of U.S. retail chain Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., purchased their first biblical artifact in November 2009, they never expected to assemble in only a few years what is now one of the world’s largest private collections of rare biblical texts, objects, and artifacts.

Known as the Green Collection, the compilation of around 40,000 objects includes some of the rarest and most significant biblical texts and artifacts ever assembled under one roof.

Museum of the Bible will be an unparalleled experience, using cutting-edge technology to bring the Bible to life. It will span time, space, and cultures, inviting everyone to engage with the Bible. With three permanent sections and space for temporary exhibits, there will always be something new to explore.

The museum will be located just two blocks from the National Mall, and a mere three blocks from the Capitol Building.

The museum will open in the fall of 2017.

Perhaps if our Congressmen and women have to drive by the Museum of the Bible every day to work, they’ll remember that America was built as “one nation, under God.”  They could certainly use a reminder every now and then.

Comment:  Will you support Hobby Lobby in their effort to bring a bible museum to the heart of the nation’s capital? If so, tell them in the comments section below.



  1. Janet says:

    Yes! I’ll support Hobby Lobby and their Museum of the Bible!

  2. Angie says:

    Totally support Hobby Lobby! Wish others would follow their practices. Btw, their values and principals is why I have made HL the store of choice for all my craft and home decor needs. Way to go, and GOD BLESS the Green family and the Hobby Lobby family!

  3. John says:

    Yes I sure will

  4. Emma says:

    I will absolutely support Hobby lobby!!