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BREAKING: Country Star Holly Dunn Just Revealed HORRIBLE NEWS!

Holly Dunn

Holly Dunn, who made her way into the hearts of millions of country music fans throughout the 1980s, is battling an aggressive form of cancer, but has said she is turning to her strong Christian faith to fight the disease.

Dunn is perhaps must known for the hits “Daddy’s Hands”, “Love Someone Like Me”, “Strangers Again”, and “Are You Ever Gonna Love Me” which reached #1 in the country in 1989.

From Fox News:

“Back in March of this year, I was diagnosed with a rare, very aggressive form of ovarian cancer,” she says. “If you read the statistics, it is very bleak. Good thing I don’t believe in statistics! I had surgery and now I am having chemo treatments. I have since grown more tumors and it is going to be more of a battle than I anticipated, but I have a huge faith in the healing power of God and the healing power within me that originates from my God. I look towards a future when I am completely healed and cancer free. I ask for prayers of strength and courage as this journey continues.”

Dunn says she is at peace, whichever way her fight ends.

“My faith is my rock. But I also draw tremendous strength from my family and my family of friends who have gathered around me in total support,” she shares. “Being a Christian, I know that no matter how this chapter ends, I will be OK. Either upright walking on this earth or safe in my Savior’s arms.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dunn and her entire family during this trying time!