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Hollywood Just Bowed Down To China In The WORST WAY EVER!


Hollywood may no longer be the place to go if you want to produce a classic American film. Rather than being produced in America, more and more studios are turning to China to have their films produced, which many believe could and will cost U.S. jobs.

From Fox News:

“The sleeping giant has awakened,” says “Batman” producer Michael Uslan, who told FOX411 he has inked development deals with both China’s Huace Pictures and Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, two major players in the Chinese film industry. But some caution that deals with Chinese film companies amount to signing away some of our hard-fought freedoms, and could even cost Americans jobs.

China is set to become the No. 1 film market in the world by 2017, knocking the U.S. out of the top spot for the first time ever. About 20 new movie screens are being opened in China every single day. The nation’s top film of 2016 so far, “The Mermaid,” grossed over $551 million in China. The United States’ top film in 2016 is “Zootopia,” grossing $331 million domestically.

Chinese mogul Wang Jianlin, the chairman of biggest cinema operator in China, Wanda Cinemas, said this month that his company will attempt to acquire their affiliate, Wanda Media, a Chinese film production company that owns American-based film studio Legendary Pictures, for $5.7 billion. Wanda Media purchased Legendary – known for films like “The Hangover” and “Superman Returns” — for $3.5 billion in January.

China also boasts Hengdian World Studios, the biggest film studio in the world, sprawled over 2,500 acres of former farmland converted into the mega studio in the mid-1990s. So could Hollywood start shooting movies there instead of studio lots in Los Angeles?

“Hollywood is near panic to figure out how to get into business with China,” Uslan told FOX411. “Sitting under an umbrella in Hollywood and waiting for them (China)  to come to you will never happen.”

Uslan and his producing partner, son David Uslan, began visiting China more than four years ago to begin building friendships with Chinese film leaders before ever pitching a project. It was only two-and-a-half years ago that the Uslans were able to get six of their next projects financed by Chinese companies.

While the Chinese companies do not mandate that the Uslans’ movies be shot in China, they do have a say when it comes to content.

Now watch this:

Should Hollywood turn to China to help produce American films or is their a concern that America will be bowing to the demands of a Communist regime? Share your thoughts below!