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Hollywood Legend Passes Away

George Kennedy
Hollywood has lost another big star.

George Kennedy, who passed today at 91


Kennedy won an Oscar in 1968 for Best Supporting Actor in Cool Hand Luke.

As well as the Naked Gun comedies, he also made memorable appearances in Earthquake and Airport 1975.

Mr Schenkel, quoted by TMZ, said the veteran actor had been in poor health since the death of his wife, Joan, more than a year ago, and had been in a hospice for the past month.

Kennedy was born in 1924 in New York where his father worked as a musician and his mother was a dancer.

He served with the US infantry during World War Two, winning several decorations, and in the 1950s he worked for Armed Forces Radio and Television before moving to Hollywood.

The 6ft 4in actor quickly became well known for playing tough-guy characters.

Kennedy’s final film role was in The Gambler in 2014, TMZ added.

Rest In Peace, George. And thank you for the memories