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Hollywood Star Is Being Praised For Attacking THIS High School!

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Danny Trejo, the blockbuster actor, and San Fernando Valley resident, attended a meeting at Sylmar High School, which was organized after a violent brawl broke out on campus Monday.

Actually, not only did Trejo attend, he changed the meeting so that the administrators could listen to the children’s issues and concerns. That was a bold move for this actor as he lives in the community and stepped forward to show his fellow neighbors he also cares about what goes on.

Trejo has children who do not attend the school but this act of awareness and willingness to help out where he could goes a very long way.

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From Daily Mail:

Mexican-American Actor Danny Trejo attended a safety meeting at a California high school on Wednesday night two days after a massive melee broke out over what may have been a race related issue.

While some at the Sylmar High School safety meeting in the San Fernando Valley argued that tensions between black and Hispanic students had nothing to do with the brawl, Trejo apparently disagreed.

‘There IS a race problem. Your heads are in the sand,’ Trejo said at the meeting, according to Beverly White of NBCLA who tweeted a photo of the actor as he spoke with passion.

Trejo urged students at the school to speak at the meeting and several stood up to talk about how much they love their school and how they were disappointed about the amount of negative media attention the school was getting.

The principal sent out a letter to parents Monday to inform them of the fight and that students involved are receiving disciplinary actions. But there were no known arrests.

James Lee, the school’s principal, said in a statement to parents that ‘multiple students participated in a conflict during lunch on campus’.

According to Lee, ‘disciplinary actions have been taken’ and the parents of the students have been contacted.

Here is the original mayhem video of the fight that broke out at the school and as you can tell this was a major problem that needed to be addressed:

Watch this video report where Trejo looked as if he couldn’t wait any longer and had to get up to say something in defense of the children having their voices heard.

We applaud Trejo and wish many more community leaders would get involved like this. It doesn’t take a Hollywood actor to say something for meaning but in this case, this high profile incident, it didn’t hurt.

Tell us below would you have been able to stand up and call out the meeting administrators and tell them to listen to the children? Share your opinions below. Help support conservative news and views by sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter.