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These Works Of Art Depicting Life During the Holocaust Will Haunt You!

A museum in Germany is holding an exhibit of Holocaust-Era art. Most of the works were by Jewish inmates of concentration camps of ghettos.The paintings and drawings are haunting and beautiful.
They depict the entire range of emotion: from humor and hope to despair.

Here are a few examples:

Pavel Fantl, The Song is Over (1941-1944) (Credit: Credit: Yad Vashem Art Museum, Jerusalem)

Bedrich Fritta, Rear Entrance (1941-1944) (Credit: Credit: Yad Vashem/Gift of the Prague Committee for Documentation)

Leo Haas, Transport Arrival, 1942 (Credit: Credit: Yad Vashem/ Gift of the Prague Committee for Documentation)

Learn more about the exhibit here.

Now Watch This:

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