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Hooters Waitress Gives One Customer a Gift He Will NEVER Forget!


We all have our favorite hangout — whether it’s a coffee shop, social club, or dive bar — where we are guaranteed a smile from the server and a glass of our favorite drink.

But Don Thomas just got something much more important from Hooters waitress Mariana Villarreal — a brand new kidney.

Thomas, whose been frequenting his local Hooters branch in Roswell, Georgia for ten years, lost both his kidneys to cancer. And Villarreal, who lost her grandmother to kidney disease, was inspired to help. She offered her kidney to Thomas, which doctors discovered was a “perfect match.”


Both Thomas and Villarreal are now recovering in the hospital after a successful surgery. And there’s been no word yet on when Thomas will return to his favorite bar. One thing is certain though, Thomas will be sure to give a big tip next time Villarreal serves him his beer and wings.

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