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Hours Before Wisconsin Primary, Trump Received AMAZING News!


With Wisconsin Republicans voting today in their all-important primary, veteran establishment GOP strategist Karl Rove just made a bold prediction about tonight’s election.

While recent polling shows Senator Ted Cruz leading Donald Trump in the Badger State, Rove says that if Trump can win tonight, the race for the Republican nomination “is over.”

From Politico:

The race for the Republican nomination is effectively over if Donald Trump wins Wisconsin, Karl Rove said Tuesday.

“If he wins Wisconsin, the contest is over,” the former George W. Bush White House aide and Fox News contributor said. “If not, it’s gonna go on and the math becomes somewhat more difficult.”

Trump leads the GOP field but is still 500 delegates shy of clinching the nomination. Ted Cruz trails Trump by more than 260 delegates but holds a 5-point advantage heading into Wisconsin’s primary, according to a RealClearPolitics average of state polls. Rove, however, suggested Wisconsin’s open primary process favors the New York billionaire.

“Trump has done slightly better in states where there is an open primary, where Democrats and independents can come in and vote, and has done slightly worse in states that have a closed primary, where only registered Republicans can vote,” he said.

Cruz has the support of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and influential conservative radio host Charlie Sykes, but that hasn’t stopped Trump from campaigning across the state. In fact, he’s likened Wisconsin to South Carolina, a state where the governor endorsed Marco Rubio but Trump prevailed.

“He’s spent a lot of time there,” Rove said of the front-runner in Wisconsin. “If he wins, it’s over. If he loses, it’s gonna be a tougher contest.”

Do you agree with Rove’s assessment that the GOP primary will be “over” if Trump wins Wisconsin or is his prediction way off given the number of contests that remain? Share your thoughts below!

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