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How the Sony Leak Proved Hollywood Isn’t PC


This December Hollywood taught us a valuable lesson: We talk a good game about the importance of freedom and courage, we abhor sexism and racism, but in private, we’re worse offenders than any of the average Americans they scoff at behind closed doors. Because of a torrential leak of information from Sony computers from a North Korean cyber attack, we have the information to prove it. What were some of the least politically correct bits to come of the Sony Leak?


There were several glaring instances of racism in the leaked emails, including Sony Pictures producer Scott Rudin, joking that President Obama would appreciate any movie with a black lead actor. Both Rudin and Sony chair Amy Pascal have apologized for their remarks.

Also found within the emails: The stated desire not to cast black lead actors in movies because black leads “don’t play well.”


How much do Sony executives and stars make? The hack also exposed how two female stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams, make less than their costars.

Sony doesn’t just pay its female stars less than their male counterparts, the disparity also extends to its executives. Slate reports,

Over at Fusion, Kevin Roose has been parsing the numbers. According to a spreadsheet listing the salaries of 6,000 employees, which Roose cautioned had not been confirmed by Sony, 17 U.S. employees are making $1 million or more. Only one of those is a woman. Roose followed up with a piece looking at the salaries of co-presidents of production at Sony’s Columbia Pictures division, Michael De Luca and Hannah Minghella. They have the same job and—oh dear, this is awkward—he’s making close to a million dollars more.


How many movies have been made over the years around the theme of fighting for freedom? Sony Pictures and the five major theater chains have capitulated to what is almost certainly North Korean saber-rattling. The movie will not be released on Christmas Day, and the studio has no plans to even release the film on DVD. North Korea is the worst human rights abuser in the world, yet, Hollywood has totally bent to its will. A country that doesn’t even boast internet access for its most privileged or the technology to keep its lights on just brought American industry to its knees.  Learn more about the country that just made Hollywood give up all of its ideals in just one week: