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High School Football Player Points To The Sky After Touchdown, Ref Loses It

Football Player

Dante Turo is the quarterback for the Mexico High School Football team in Syracuse, New York. In addition to being an athlete, Dante was raised to respect and honor God. His dad Geno encouraged him to find ways to thank God.

“He wanted to do something at that moment to take credit away from himself and give glory to God,” Geno told Fox News. “God gives us the ability and the talent. As Christians, we want to be sure to give that back immediately.”

When Dante ran 73 yards to score a touchdown at a game recently, he thanked God with the simple gesture of pointing his finger up towards the sky. And that was enough to earn him a penalty. The referee said told Dante’s coach Tee Murabito that Dante was “taunting” his opponents by praising God. (Watch below.)

Mexico High School ended up losing the game 33-31. Murabito said, ““Was that a play that cost us the game? No. But it did have an influence. That call had more impact than you see in the box score.”

Dante will be playing again this weekend. And if he is fortunate to score another touchdown, he intends to risk a penalty and praise God again.

What would you say to a referee who penalized a player for a simple gesture thanking God? Please comment below.

H/T: Fox News



  1. Ronald says:

    I would ask him if he had ever read the Bill of Rights!

  2. Jr says:

    I’d say put the ref on a slow boat to hell, we don’t need his kind in the US period. He certainly does not belong in any sort of position of authority in sports or anywhere else in this country. The USA was founded and built on our belief in GOD and we will stand against ANY who choose to deny our GOD and our beliefs.

  3. Frank says:

    The ref should never ref another game in America.