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HS Football Players Wanted to Honor Fallen Heroes But Look What Happened to Their Request

High school football players at Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, Colorado have spent the last several weeks doing military style CrossFit training in preparation for the football season. Along with the help of parent Lt. Col. Randy Russell, the players have also been learning about military members who gave their life for their country.


The players ultimately decided they wanted to wear the names of fallen heroes on the back of their jerseys during games. However, the school district shot down that idea.

According to Fox News, this is the school district’s rationale for the denial:

The Poudre School District said in a statement Friday that their decision to deny the request was two-fold: first, citing the National Federation of State High School Association’s rule that only player and team names are allowed on game jerseys and two, that the district maintains the responsibility to determine what is added to official game jerseys.

The school district also said they could not comply with the team’s request without giving other causes the same opportunity.

“Sometimes PSD has to deny a request to avoid unintended consequences, even when the request is in pursuit of a worthy cause. In this situation, a well-intended and passionate parent presented a select list of names of fallen heroes to be placed on the game jerseys,” the school district said in a statement. “If the district allows someone else to make the decision about what is placed on game jerseys, legally the district may have to allow others to do the same in the future. Therefore, the request was denied.”

Russell, the coaching staff, and the athletes understand the school’s decision, although they disagree with it. They say they will look for other ways to honor America’s fallen heroes on and off the field.

Watch the video below:

What do you think of this decision? As a veteran, I am torn with the idea but I understand why they want to do it. Share your thoughts below in the comment section and add this to your facebook/twitter timeline for discussion.