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Why is Putin Unafraid of the West? Here’s the Answer

Despite the truce signed a few weeks ago on the promise that it would bring peace to war-ravaged Ukraine, the threat of full-scale war is still looming large. Violence and bloodshed are endemic.

Across the region, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is still menacing his neighbors, ignoring the warnings he’s received from western leaders. Why?

broom stick

Perhaps this tale, from the London Telegraph, helps explain his thinking:

“German soldiers used broomsticks painted black instead of guns during a joint Nato exercise last year due to severe equipment shortages, it has emerged.”

Yep. Broomsticks. The troops who would be expected to halt a Russian advance into the Ukraine are practicing with broomsticks.

Be sure to click on the link above and read the whole depressing story.

Europe is weak, and Putin knows it. Too much money spent on welfare. Not enough money spent in defense.

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