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Huckabee Teaming Up With Big Name Democrat For THIS


Even as the primaries wind down, they’ve still been a bit of a circus.

I didn’t even mention the name of the Democrat that’s part of this article’s focus in the headline because I was afraid everyone would have forgotten about him. The Republican is obviously Mike Huckabee, and the Democrat is Martin O’Malley (who once held a campaign event that attracted one attendee).

The two are back in the news as they’re teaming up: but not politically.

The two former governors and 2016 primary candidates may hail from opposing political parties, but they have something else in common: both are amateur musicians with an affinity for the guitar. Both have played in bands — O’Malley in O’Malley’s March and Huckabee in Capitol Offensive.

ABC News caught up with the odd couple and asked about the possibility of a bi-partisan band now that both have retired from the campaign trail.

Neither ruled it out.

“We were talking on the walk over here … about tunes we could probably do together — so we’re working on that,” O’Malley revealed. Huckabee agreed it could be fun to prove music is a civilizing force.

It’s hard to tell if they were joking.

“If Martin O’Malley and Mike Huckabee can get together on the same stage and come to harmony, that would be historic,” Huckabee said. “It could be massive, we could sell tickets to that, and we’re both looking for something to do, right?”

H/T: ABC News

I’m sure tens of people will come flocking out to those concerts.

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