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HUGE: Why July 14, 2015 Was One of the Worst Days in American History


At home and abroad, yesterday was easily one of the lowest points in American history.


Abroad, the United States signed a nuclear deal which many warn is similar to the deal signed in Munich which preceded the Second World War, or to the deal Bill Clinton signed with North Korea, which was supposed to prevent the regime from obtaining nuclear weapons.

At the Washington Examiner Philip Klein has a list of the six worst concessions in the deal, and includes a video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response. He called it a “historic mistake” and stated that the world is a much more dangerous place than it was the day before.

The deal is so bad that Obama might not be able to convince the Senate to pass it. Senate Republicans are universally in opposition and over a dozen key Democrats are as well. Politico reports on the backroom dealing,

Key Democrats are so far withholding support for the White House’s Iran deal, worried that the plan would undermine national security, threaten Israel and too easily let Tehran escape punishing economic sanctions. Many of them will be in office beyond the end of Obama’s term, so an affirmative vote means they will effectively own the deal when they face voters again. That means they could pay a dear price politically if the accord fails to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions and proves to be a failure.

Even members of Senate Democratic leadership, like Chuck Schumer and Jon Tester, were explicitly noncommittal, a sign of the challenges ahead for the president.

On the home front, it was exposed yesterday that Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest abortion provider, is involved in the illegal sale and trade of human organs, that of the babies they abort across the country. Our own Dan Whitfield has the story.

The abortion provider is, of course, on the defense. Surprisingly, though, the story is catching on in the mainstream media. The Washington Post has the story on its front page, A1, Politico and Reuters are also reporting on it today. While CNN only has the response from Planned Parenthood on its website, it too is taking their refutations with grains of salt, quoting Art Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University “who said it sounds like Planned Parenthood might be trying to make a profit.”

Just when you thought the world had no hope, though, here is a glimmer. Algemeiner reports,

A Jewish man in the U.K. is funding the rescue of up to 2,000 Christian families from Islamic State terrorists in Syria and Iraq to show his gratitude for the Christians who saved him from Nazi persecution, The Independent reported on Tuesday.

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