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BREAKING: Latest Hillary Clinton Scandal Could DESTROY Campaign!

huma abedin

I’ve always said Huma Abedin is the weak link in the Clinton Family crime syndicate. She’s a follower who does the bidding of Hillary Clinton and that alone shows how pathetic she is. She’s also married to habitual sexter, Anthony Weiner.

Huma has had many jobs under Clinton (pardon the pun), and you would have to think sooner or later the overlapping would catch up and cause serious issues for one of them, namely Huma.

I guess Hillary’s pledge not to intermingle State Department work with Clinton Foundation work only directly applied to her specifically and not to her staff? Now just how is that ethically acceptable since it spits in the face of basic logic…her staff is an extension of her, her directives, and her agenda. You either intermingle or you don’t!

From Bloomberg:

Huma Abedin stepped down from her post as deputy chief of staff at the State Department and Hillary Clinton’s ever-present personal assistant on June 3, 2012. Only she didn’t leave.

Instead, in a reverse twist on a program intended to bring talented outsiders into government, Abedin was immediately rehired as a “special government employee.” She also took paying jobs with the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm with international clients that was co-founded by a foundation official who also was Bill Clinton’s long-time personal aide.

Abedin’s multitasking in the final eight months of Hillary Clinton’s time as the top U.S. diplomat — and her role as an intermediary for some of the same players before that — are drawing renewed scrutiny after a conservative watchdog group’s release last week of a new batch of e-mails to and from Clinton aides. Abedin has become the personification of an election-year debate over whether the nonprofit foundation will create conflicts of interest if Clinton wins the White House.

Ever stop to think why a woman who grew up in Saudi Arabia and has family members in the Muslim Brotherhood would be so ambitious to get into US politics? She also married a sexual pervert and stayed married to him. What other woman in politics married a sexual pervert and stayed married to him?

Bottom line, it’s a total conflict of interest for her to work three jobs while connected to the government. Not legal.

I know you have heard me say this before, do you think this is a way inside of Clinton’s tight knit group? Share your comments below in the comments section.