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This Country Has Stepped Up To Defend Christians Against ISIS And It’s Not The U.S.!

Hungary refugees

Thank God for Hungary stepping up to defend Christians being persecuted by ISIS.

Helping and loving people in need is our Christian duty. Hungary has shown the world they are willing to take a major risk to publicly defend Christians against ISIS, especially in that region.

Honestly, you would think the U.S. would have that role, but they do not, with Barack Obama as leader of this country. I remember that days when America would have stepped up to take the lead like Hungary did and hopefully those days will return with Donald Trump elected as our next leader.

From Zionica:

This week, Hungary, which has during the past year come under pressure for its handling of Europe’s mass migration crisis, has become the first government to open an office specifically to address the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Europe.

“Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed [for] religious reasons, four of them are Christians,” Catholic News Agency (CNA) quoted Hungary’s Minister for Human Resources, Zoltan Balog, as saying. “In 81 countries around the world, Christians are persecuted, and 200 million Christians live in areas where they are discriminated against. Millions of Christian lives are threatened by followers of radical religious ideologies.”

[Editor’s Note: Canada’s attempt at an office of international religious freedom, modeled on the American version, shut down after only three years.]
The move sets a precedent on the international stage. It comes after Hungary’s right-wing prime minister, Victor Orban, drew criticism in the EU by saying Europe should focus on helping Christians before helping millions of Muslims coming into Europe.

“If we really want to help, we should help where the real problem is. … We should first help the Christian people before Islamic people,” Orban said.

This is strength in so many ways. I am sure there are many Christians in America who want to do the same thing but its feckless leaders are too politically correct to make a move.

How dare they protect their own borders? The EU has spent bazillions of euros in border protection but, now, let’s just throw it out the window and let everyone in, no checks, no papers. Europe needs to wake up. Well done Hungary.

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