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Remember Hurricane Sandy? This May Be Her Newest Rival… East Coast Beware!


It’s too early for most weathermen to accurately predict the path of a storm just deemed by the National Weather Service to be a Hurricane, but if the storm named Joaquin follows her current path, things could look dicey for folks along the Eastern seaboard from the Carolinas to Maine. Current models are predicting a sharp turn back towards the coast, with catastrophic conditions similar to what the tristate area faced after Hurricane (dubbed Superstorm) Sandy.

The Weather Channel has issued a map of potential landfall based on several different models, almost all of which could mean heavy rain and flooding for the mid-Atlantic:


The Capital Weather Gang, a popular and well-respected meteorology blog on the Washington Post website predicted the following:

Joaquin has the potential to be a very significant storm for the mid-Atlantic and northeastern states. Heavy rain will be the first threat to the region on Thursday and Friday. The latest guidance from the National Weather Service includes an enormous swath of rainfall totals in excess of 6 inches over the coming week, with as much as 10 inches falling on the Virginia, Maryland and Delaware coasts.

The most recent wave forecast from NOAA shows significant heights higher than 30 or 40 feet on Sunday — a very ominous scenario. Even if the storm center remains offshore, or it begins to transition to a non-tropical cyclone, strong onshore winds will generate a substantial storm surge flooding along the coast, particularly during the regular astronomical high tides.

For anyone on the East Coast, it might be time to start preparing for the worst.

How would you get your home ready for a storm like this?